Davines No. 5 Mat Pliable Stucco

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This past week I was lucky enough to get an appointment with Jules Chan of Dekko Salon in San Francisco. After having a baby and juggling a busy work schedule I had put off a much needed haircut. My hair had grown out most of its layers and was getting heavier and completely unruly. I have very straight, coarse Asian hair. Jules specializes in styling Asian hair (check out her blog on Asian hair) like mine and had many opinions on the best style and how add layers, body and movement without making the end result look choppy and uneven. It takes a gifted and knowledgeable stylist to create subtle layers and movement within a becoming style that suits my face. The cut turned out magnificent and my hair no longer pulls my head like a ton of bricks.

To style, I just blow dry and scrunch with my hands. I also purchased a tube of
Davines No. 5 Mat Pliable Stucco (100ml/3.3oz) to maintain my style and to make it more piece-y and textured. Jules cut a shoulder length layered style with a side swish of bangs. I've been using the Pliable Stucco for a few days now. I have to say I love how light it is compared to other pomades and moulding muds I've used in the past. It doesn't weigh my hair down and it doesn't have a strong or overpowering odor. It also keeps my hair put all day. I just apply a bit of stucco and rub it onto my palms. Then I take small gatherings of hair in my hands and also twist individual strands in the front and on my bangs. The tube, which I purchased for $27 will last me for months since I only use a very small dollop - about the size of a dime for my entire head of hair. It is also matte and not at all greasy which I love. I love this product so much that I'll be trying other Davines products as well.


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