nanette by Nanette Lepore Perfume

After attending a small, intimate fragrance launch event for nanette by Nanette Lepore Parfum recently, the first thought that came accross my mind as I left the event that evening, was that this scent could very well become a fragrance classic in the realm of CHANEL No. 5, Paris, Angel, Opium, etc. for years to come.

From the bottle composition to the nuances of the fragrances itself, this is a perfect expression of a fashion designer's vision in a scent. Talking with Nanette Lepore herself, who attended the event, she explained what makes this such a special scent.

Nanette said that the bottle, which evokes many lovely images, (but for me that of a frilly, feminine ruffled piece of clothing like that which she designs), was inspired by a trip to Florance, Italy and finding a vintage perfume bottle (she actually found the bottle before starting work on the scent).

The fragrance, which was made in cooperation with Anne Flipo from IFF is a reflection of Nanette's desire to create a warm, unique, sensual scent which emphasized amber in the composition.

The first burst of the perfume on my skin brought out the glazed petal and neroli notes. (Nanette told me the scent was completely amazing on me by the way!) It had such a warm, but not heavy begining to the scent. Then the rose absolute notes began to take hold on my skin and combine, as time went on, with the amber, incense and wood.

I found nanette by Nanette Lepore Parfum to be a warm, sophisticated, sweet (in a caramel type of way for me but this was the glazed rose petal notes on my skin), yet still crisp. It had amazing staying power as well. .

Coming back again to the actual bottle for a moment: on the dresser, it also stands out because the bottle and the perfume are crystal clear, so you can see right though it and nothing but the beautiful shape of the glass and the cap are noticable.

This is a perfect perfume gift for the woman who loves scents, and loves something different but still very wearable. I see this scent as perfect for a dinner date, business meeting, or weekend brunch with friends when you really want someone to ask you,"What is that you're wearing?!" - RLB

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Pink Petter, Neroli, Glazed Rose Petals
Middle: Rose Absolute, Violet, Muguet flower
Bottom: Amber, Incense, Cedarwood Atlas
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