Weekend Beauty Review Update - Oct. 24th

Here are some of the new reviews/beauty updates on the blog that you might have missed this week! Enjoy...

Fragrance Find - Yves St. Laurent Parisienne Perfume

Nail Polish Find - Urban Outfitters Exclusive Line

NEW Collection - Rendez-Vous In Paris by Bourjois

Beauty Find - RODIN Olio Lusso

Beauty Find for a Cause - PurpleLab SWAC lipgloss, Nancy

Beauty Find - SAMPAR Skincare

Yes To Carrots “C You and C Me” Organic Eye and Face Makeup Remover

Impulse Buy of the Week - Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies

Reader Favorites:

Exclusive Interview with Beyonce's Makeup Artist, Jackie Gomez

Sam Fine's The Basics of Beauty DVD is out NOW!

Get Your Sweet Treats For Halloween with Hard Candy!

Yes you CAN! (Wear) Black Lipcolor...

I'm in a Pink State of Mind

Also, don't miss our Editor-in-Chief's articles for the Examiner! She's now their NYC Beauty Trends Writer. Make sure you visit each week for informative and interesting pieces on beauty & fragrance that you won't find here.


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