Yes you CAN! (Wear) Black Lipcolor... I know you've seen them on the fashion runways and in fashion magazine editorials - but have you, like me, been thinking "How on earth could I actually wear a black lip color in my real life?"

Well, I've discovered three fantastic lip products that give different types of black effects - and great trick to making them work in real life!

The first black shade I've fallen in love with is Lancome Color Fever Gloss in Piha Black. I love that it's thick in texture in the tube, but it's very sheer and really gives a hint of black tone with the perfect amount of shimmer. It's a buildable gloss that doesn't get stickier as more is applied, which is great. It's super rich, smooth and silky like all the Color Fever glosses. There are no undertones like blue or brown, so this really can work on all skintones and with a variety of lip pigmentations.

The formula is rich and moisturizing and the staying power is very nice for a gloss. The trick I discovered for really making this work is to apply a layer of rich red, plum or wine lipstick first (but it was also fun to play with pinks and red/brown shades too!), and then a layer of the Piha Black. What happens is that the Piha deepens the color and adds more dimension to it. This is a fantastic effect for a big night out or a night of partying!

Of course, if you do want a "punk" or "Goth" type of effect, this is also the product to do it. Simply apply a black or very dark plum/purple/eggplant lipstick first and then a layer or two of Piha. Major drama for the lips!

This is another fabulous black lip shade. It's a sheer black color that's soft and smooth on the lips.

The texture is very unique - a bit of a cross between a balm and a matte lipstick. The lipstick is not a very shiny formula, but it was moisturizing. The color stayed exactly where I applied it with no bleeding. *If you want mega shine...keep reading below for the gloss...

The trick to wearing this color is to appy it underneath your favorite lip color to deepen the tone and enrich the color – this gives lips a really sexy, glam look instead of gothic. In particular, reds become a really cool black cherry shade and light pinks turn mauve. I also loved pairing it with plum and wine shades.

This black gloss is the equivilant of adding a coating of shiny black patent leather to your lips. It's super shiny but also very sheer. It has some stickiness to it, but also keeps it's place on the lips so there no melting or migration. This worked really well as the finishing touch after my Sheer Seduction Lipstick/regular lipstick combination. Again if you want a more dramatic, gothic effect, the lipstick and lipgloss can be paired together with no other colors. The gloss does have a tint which is a reddish/brown so it also worked well alone for a more subtle dark lip with some shine. - RLB, inc.


Faye said...

I have always wanted to try a black lipstick but dont know how to wear it, great advice about putting it on top of your usual shade!

Palacinka Beauty said...

Fantastic & Thank You! I hope you enjoy playing with these lip colors :)

Unknown said...

I would love to see a demo from you! or some after shots.

Unknown said...

Where can I buy it? Nordstroms doesn't have it on their site anymore