Beauty Find - La Roche Posay Xerand Hand Repair Cream, Inc. La Roche -Posay has a very loyal following both in France, and here in the United States, for their skin care products. After having the opportunity recently to try some of them, I can certainly see why!

One of the stars of their lineup is the La Roche-Posay Xerand - Hand Repair Cream. The texture of the cream is lightweight and smooth, with a slight watery feel. It's this combination that made it such a pleasure to use. I would apply the cream in the morning, and generally, even through my first few hand washings of the day, my hands were still moisturized.

I loved how soft my hands felt after applying the cream, without any trace of greasiness or stickiness. It was also perfect for moisturizing my cuticles in the evening before bed. It's concentrated, so a little goes a long way as well. Like most French skincare, it is scented with a floral fragrance that was plesant - but not intrusive or overwhelming. All in all, this is a wonderful little product that's also perfect for plane travel and keeping at the office. - RLB

Go-->La Roche-Posay Xerand - Hand Repair Cream - Severely Dry Skin 2.55 oz.

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