Budget Beauty Find - Vichy Lipidiose 1 Rehydrating Body Lotion

Sephora.com, Inc.To get a luxury French body treatment for a fraction of the price, look no further than Vichy Lipidiose 1 Rehydrating Body Lotion.

This is a fantastic body lotion. It's perfect for very dry air environments and if you're going to be outdoors in cold temps. I loved the texture (silky/cream with a slight watery feel) and the beautiful sheen it provided, and the scent was a fresh/marine type of fragrance. The hydration was fantastic (worked great on my hands too!), while absorbing quickly with no film or greasy feel. My skin felt extremely soft and had a beautiful glow when I applied after a morning shower. The moisture really did last all day - even on more stubborn areas like elbows and heels.

Note: If you have very dry skin and/or will be in very cold/dry temps for an extended period of time, I recommend the Lipidose 2 cream, which is just as light in texture, but has an extra dose of Shea Butter and Vichy thermal water to really lock in moisture and keep skin soft, supple and glowing. It's a bit stickier than 1 in the beginning upon application, but then sinks into the skin like a dream after a minute or two!

In the US, Vichy products are available at CVS stores across the country.

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Unknown said...

I live by my 'Olay' body quench! Not sure if I'll use Vichy... Any reasons for me to shift ?

Palacinka Beauty said...

Olay is a fantastic line - no doubt about it.

Vichy is just another option if you want just a touch more "decadence" - but still at a reasonable price....

Let me know if you make the switch!