Caroline Chu Anti-Aging Skincare Regime

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I had lunch recently with Caroline Chu, the founder of the Caroline Chu skincare and makeup line. Caroline's namesake beauty brand was launched in 2007 and on QVC earlier this month. Caroline is a classic beauty and she is living proof and a testament to her products. In addition to her gracious personality, Caroline is an innovator in the beauty world, combining technology with the finest ingredients used by generations of women in Asia to defy aging. Caroline Chu is high tech business woman turned beauty entrepreneur who gave up her career as a successful creative director in Silicon Valley before launching her own skincare and cosmetics line now available at Zappos and QVC. While jet-setting around the globe to faraway destinations, Caroline was inspired to pursue her true passion, the art affordable and effective skincare. Caroline then spent two years researching and developing her products drawing on her background in fine art and high tech.

Caroline Chu's vision is to let women indulge in her products —an experience every woman deserves, no matter how busy her life. Every product is tested, and used by Caroline and her team. Each product is made in small batches in order to maintain a high degree of quality. As a brand, Caroline Chu stands for more than good looks. It’s about embracing the feeling of empowerment and comfort in one’s own skin.

Caroline gave me a few of her products to try. Two of my favorites are the Day & Night moisturizing cream and the Bamboo herbal face scrub. The Day & Night Cream is smooth and velvety and absorbs quickly without feeling greasy or leaving shiny patches on my skin. It also created a smooth and even surface on which to apply my primer, concealer and foundation. It has quite a luxurious feel to it. I don't have many wrinkles (yet!) but hopefully this will prevent the premature appearance of lines down the road. Also part of my weekly regime is the Bamboo Herbal Facial Scrub, which I use weekly to exfoliate and my skin feels refreshed afterward. Although I do have to be careful not to scrub around under my nose and chin because of rosacea. I like the fact that the beads are natural and will dissolve and not harm the environment. Both of these products are available in the
Caroline Chu Anti Aging Kit at QVC for $89, normally $99. My mom is also a fan of Caroline's skincare line and I plan to buy it for her for Christmas.

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