Fragrance Find - Demeter Dots Pick Me Up Cologne Spray

2009 Holiday Beauty Gift Guide
$20 Holiday Beauty Gift Idea!, Inc. The first Demeter fragrance I owned was Demeter Fragrance Library Gin & Tonic Cologne Spray. I still find it the perfect summer refreshing pick me up - lots of citrus, crisp, with a hint of the essence of a real glass of dry, clear Gin...

It's been a while since I've picked up a another Demeter scent, but I actually found this new one from Demeter's Toostie line while a shopkeeper was literally opening up the box to start stocking the shelves at my local store....

This scent is just a lot of fun - fruity and sweet but still light. (Demeter scents are light in general since they are cologne spray concentrations).

With the opening of the scent I picked up pineapple, coconut and the mango on my skin immediately, and with a little more time I began to smell the grapefruit notes, which lasted the longest on me.

What is so fun about this creation is that the fruity blend really does give the essence of the candy - not just the fruits. A perfect scent for the weekends, beach side relaxing and for teens/tweens too! - RLB

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I really wanted to try this its sounds it has a great scent. Thank you so much for bringing up this.