Fragrance Find - Theme Fragrance Keep Calm Carry On, Inc. I stumbled upon this fragrance line recently and ordered this scent based on the name and color alone! (Shame on me right?)

But it turns out my instincts were right on the money about this one. It's a fun, free spirited citrus line that I love.

And what about that name? Well,
it was inspired by a famous British World War Two poster.

The perfume is made with essential oils and the pink grapefruit version was my favorite - really uplifting and energizing. This is perfect for spritzing after a workout, before going out for dinner or a long business trip.

There's also a tangy, crisp Tangerine scent as well. Spay On! - RLB

Go--> Keep Calm and Carry On

*Image courtesy of Themefragrance, Inc.

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