Holiday Beauty Gift Idea #4 - Dylan's Chocolate Cupcake Set

2009 Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Under $35 Holiday Beauty Gift Idea!, Inc. If you know someone (perhaps even yourself) who loves chocolate and loves luxurious body care products...well, this is the BEST holiday gift set for them.

Dylan's Candy Bar Ice Cream Dream Gift Set - Chocolate Cupcake is a wonderful combination of their body scrub and body cream that smells like delectable chocolate cupcakes - that's right - not just the chocolate, but Dylan Lauren was able to also capture the essence of the cake part of the fragrance too! The chocolate scent is real, rich and pure - and not too sticky sweet or cloying. It leaves the perfect level of fragrance on the skin so that it's not distracting, but it is present during the day, especially if you layer the products.

The Ice Cream Sugar body scrub is medium/fine grains that have the perfect amount of moisturizers to leave your skin super soft and smooth. The Candy Butter body cream is a medium weight cream that's highly concentrated, but not greasy or heavy and provides great moisture to boot!

And need I say more about the packaging - a super cute Ice Cream container-inspired box to house the products in. What are you waiting for? - RLB

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