Impulse Buy of the Week - Talika Eye Therapy Patch

Once Thanksgiving has come and gone here in the US, Dec. becomes a month of festive holiday and family gatherings. Talika Eye Therapy Patch is now one of my favorite ways to look refreshed and treat myself in just under 30 minutes before heading out to a special event. The patches are not only fantastic at smoothing out under eye skin, hydrating the area and giving it an overall glow, but each pair are reusable up to 4 times (which means there's a lot of treatment in this little box)!

These patches are enclosed in individual packets and have a sticky back, so there's no liquid or need to wet them. I simply peel off the plastic covering and put in the lovely silver carrying case (shown above) which is included in the package, and perfect for travel. Next I align the patches on the lower under eye area affixing them as per their crescent shape, as indicated on the box - and that's it - because of their sticky back they don't fall off if I need to run around and do a few things before laying down to relax with them. They are non-irritating, if you feel compelled, you can also sleep in them they are so soft and light.

After about 30 min I just peel them off and put their clear plastic covering back on them and put in the case (Remember not to throw them out since you can use them 3 more times!). After the treatment, my under eye area immediately looks plumper and brighter, and feels lighter and fresher.

I also find 
Talika Eye Therapy Patch the perfect pre-concelaer treatment, as my concealer just glides on afterwards. If you have little fine lines around the eye area, these patches will also soften and minimize them temporarily as well. - RLB

Purchase Here: Talika Eye Therapy Patch

*This product was provided courtesy of Talika PR for reviewing purposes.

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