It's Written All Over Your Face - 6 Skin Care Pens to Love Skin care pen formulations are one of my favorite new delivery methods. Several years ago, pens became par for the course as a convenient way to apply nail polish, cuticle oil, as well as taking off said nail polish.

Now, more and more of my favorite skin care and cosmetic brands have discovered the pen packaging makes for a convienient, quick and effcient way to also apply eye creams, blemish treatments, and other skin treatments as well! Some pens come with a slanted tip applicator activated by a push button or twist mechanism on the bottom of the pen, while others use a brush applicator or a steel roller ball.

Here are 6 skin care pens that I love and always have in my skincare product rotation - they're also super easy to tuck into any bag or, with some of them, even your jeans if you need it on the go! Trust me, once you start using skin care pens, there's no turning back. - RLB

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