Beauty Find - Givenchy Black For Light Mask Light Enhancing Black Mask, Inc.At home-skin care treatments are not hard to come by, but with some products, I still don't truly feel the same pampering, luxury experience of going to a spa/facialist when I use them.

With Givenchy Black For Light Mask Light Enhancing Black Mask not only did I have that luxury feel, but the results were indeed spa-worthy!

As it's name suggests, this mask is actually black in color, with a soft, smooth, airy foam-like texture. The mask contains a special cocktail of vitamins as well as blackberry extract, which helps brighten and tone the skin.

Each mask application is contained within a single ampoule (there are 6 included). I used the applicator brush included in the set and lightly applied a first layer of the mask over my skin, and then a second layer to finish up the product. Within a minute or so I did feel a tingling sensation which was not painful and more like a bubbling effect.

After letting the mask stay on my skin and then rinsing off my skin was soft, positively glowing and truly refreshed. My skin looked fantastic with no makeup. However, if you have problem skin this will not instantly "turn it around", and it's best for those of you who have fairly normal/combination skin without a lot of breakouts.

This is perfect to take on a short trip to give your skin a nice boost after a long flight, pamper yourself on a Sunday before a busy week or before a big night out! - RLB

Go-->Givenchy Black For Light Mask Light Enhancing Black Mask 2.8 oz

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All Women Stalker said...

hmmm... a black mask? sounds weird but for some reason I'm dying to try it!