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Kanebo's Sensai is one of Japan's best skin care lines in my opinion. Their Silky Purifying cleansing system, which is a 2-step process which leaves skin glowing, extremely clean, yet not dry or stripped of moisture.

First I began with with Silky Purifying Cleansing Cream (for normal/dry skin). The cream had such a nice, silky smooth texture, it was an amazing feeling applying to my skin. It also removed all of my makeup, including eye makeup/mascara. The scent is lovely, a light citrus that is perfect for ending the day. (The cream is best suited for use in the evening).

Note: This cream is meant to be applied on a dry face. After either massaging (or pressing) the cream on the skin, it turns into an oil after a few seconds, dissolving all makeup. When I rinsed it off it turned into a milky substance, which also moisturized my skin along with the water rinse. Then it was on to step 2, the creamy soap. This part of the cleansing gives a deeper clean and removes all traces of the aforementioned cream/oil on skin. The Silky Purifying Cream Soap is a fairly thick paste which produces an large amount of lather. It felt rich and creamy and became foamy -- almost a shaving cream consistency, after massaging in to my skin.

After rinsing the soap off, my skin was soft, smooth and clear. It didn't leave any film, or make my skin feel tight or dry. Over several days of use, I could really see that it also had a nice brightening/exfoliating effect on my skin as well. This has the same scent as the cream as well.

What's great about both of these products are that they are extremely concentrated, so they will last a long time. A pea-sized amount is all that's needed for each product for a great cleansing. These two products will make a definite difference in the way you feel when you are washing your face, and the way your complexion looks - RLB

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*Products provided courtesy of Kanebo for review purposes., Inc.

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