Budget Beauty Find - La Fresh Cleansing Cloths

drugstore.com, inc.I recently had the opportunity to try one of my favorite types of cleansing products - a new cleansing cloth/wipe from La Fresh.

La Fresh cleansing cloths are dry in the pack, activated with just a few drops of water, and are unscented. I found their texture fantastic - a really smooth, light sheet that felt slightly gel-like when wet. The cloths were fantastic to not only cleanse my skin, but also remove my makeup - even eye makeup. The cloths contain a special European formula which I noticed really toned my skin while cleansing, while keeping it soft and not tight or dry.

After using the cloth my skin felt completely clean with no residue left behind, or a need to rinse further with water.

These make an excellent cleansing cloth choice for travel, the gym, a spa visit or just freshening up after work and are perfect for normal,oily, combination and slightly dry skin. - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of LaFresh for reviewing purposes.

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