Fragrance Find - L'Artisan Parfumuer Bois Farine

When the temps are low, but it's beautiful sunny day, there's only one scent that I reach for these days - Bois Farine (Wood Flour) by L'Artisan Parfumuer.

This luscious, unique scent was created by the world renowned "nose" by Jean-Claude Ellena. He was inspired by a rare tree he discovered in the Reunion Islands. It is a fragrant white tree which produces a red flower that smells like flour.

The essence of this scent for me is that it's warm and comforting - more like baked goods (fresh baked bread or a croissant made from flour) - than actual flour.

On my skin the first notes are a peanut/flour/fresh bread mix, slowly mingling with yummy vanilla. The flour note adds a dry dimension to the fragrance and makes it crisp as opposed to too sweet. The drydown is nutty mixed with sandalwood notes and is really comforting. With time, the fragrance seems to really meld to my skin, causing me to inhale it all day long and on my clothes. This is one of my most alluring and compelling scents I've ever used.

The staying power is incredible - way beyond 6-8 hours usually. As time goes on Bois Farine can only really be detected when I come in very close contact to my skin. It doesn't say "good-bye" but it doesn't say "Hello!" to all - just to the ones you want close to you :). - RLB

Fragrance Notes: White Cedar, fennel seed, abrette seeds, gaiacwood, Iris, benzoin, sandalwood.

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