Holiday Beauty Gift Idea #9 - Harajuku Lovers Solid Perfume Coffret

2009 Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

$60 Holiday Beauty Gift Idea!, Inc. Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Solid Perfume Coffret is a great gift idea that combines colorful, fun packaging, the adorable Harajuku Lovers and portable fragrance!

You could gift this set to just one lucky person - or break up the girls and give each one as a stocking stuffer to friends/fammily! Each one of the scents, as in the previous Harajuku Lovers, has a cap designed to reflect that girl's personality. Each girl sits in her own glass pedestal as well.

These are perfect for applying scent quickly and while traveling, right where you want to touch up - wrists, behind the ears, etc. The scents are all very soft and stay very close to the skin.
The solids can also be layed with the eau de toilet Harajuku Lovers for a longer lasting scent experience, which is great if your recipeient is also a collector! - RLB

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Solid Perfume Coffret, Inc.

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