Super Cute! - DKNY Delicious Candy Apples Collection, Inc. In this series of beauty & personal care product finds - Super Cute!- I share with you products which have innovative, artistic, fantasy, child-like, vintage and/or retro themes and an "irresistible" quality to them!

These make perfect little splurges and gifts for yourself or for the girly girl (or someone youthful in spirit!) in your life too.

Last month I was invited to special beauty editor preview for the new DKNY Delicious fragrance collection.

The theme was candy candy candy - it was everywhere in the press room (and yes we could help ourselves to all the fun, sweet, sour, colorful and exotic candy we wanted!).

Once I saw the prototypes for the new Delicious Candy Apples, it was all oohs and aahs...I mean how cute are these??!! Each Delicious Candy Apple fragrance is packaged in the iconic Be Delicious apple, colored by flavor with an candy apple stick complete with the DKNY logo jutting out of the top.

But beyond the irresistible packaging and colors, all three fragrances were fun, flirty and while each different - equally appealing.
The Candy Apples fragrance flavors include: Sweet Caramel, Ripe Raspberry and Juicy Berry.

Sweet Caramel (Green): What started off with a delicate, authentic sweet caramel note immediately morphed into a crisp, slightly sour apple, which I thought was very well done. There was some marshmallow and vanilla that also came in fairly early in the fragrance along with a lovely mix of white flowers like jasmine and muguet, which gave it a nice touch of sophistication.

Ripe Raspberry (Red):
This was one of the most pleasant surprises for me. I thought that the raspberry would be a very sweet scent which I might want to pass on, but in fact, the first notes were more of a crunchy candied apple, mixed with lime and raspberry notes. This fragrance features peony and lilly and a really fun "cola" accord which was not too over the top and actually very comforting on the dry down.

Juicy Berry (Purple):
I think this will be one of the most popular of the Candy Apple scents. It has a lot of blackberry and black currant notes which meld with pear and lychee. The apple notes are fleshed out with rose. The drydown of sandalwood and blonde woods was really soft and pretty. I absolutely could not stop wearing and smelling this one! - RLB

DKNY Delicious Candy Apples Collection is currently available at DKNY Boutiques
and in January 2010, Sephora and, Inc.


Unknown said...

Be Delicious candy apples are super adorable! my favorite is the green.

Unknown said...

DKNY Delicious Candy Apples Collection is really awesome. The Candy Apples fragrance flavors include: Sweet Caramel, Ripe Raspberry and Juicy Berry these all are so delicious. Thank you for sharing.
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