Another Winning J.Lo Cover from Latina Magazine!, Inc.As many of you may know, I have collected Jennifer Lopez magazine covers since she became a breakout star.

I love how each and every time her face, eyes, hair communicates something completely different.

Of course her amazing makeup artist, Scott Barnes has been with her for most of these transformations, and created her signature "glow" and "sexy nude lip", which Jennifer does variations of at times as well for magazines, red carpets, etc.

This month's Latina magazine is another winning cover (remember how much I also loved the Sessile Lopez Latina Magazine cover?). I love the way the light softly shines behind Jennifer, creating a bit of a modern halo effect, while her lips, v-neck tee shirt and knee high socks (with the gold sequins - how fab!?) are all nude. The cheekbones are sculpted, and the eyes are smoky but soft and I love her hair in this soft, modern "Farrah" style. This will be my first collectible J.Lo. cover for 2010 for sure!

To read the entire interview with Jennifer Lopez,
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1 comment:

Helena said...

I love Jennifer Lopez as well. Her look is both sexy and classy.

Great cover look!