Beauty Find - Blinc Resurf.a.stic Ingrown, Inc. Stick-based products have enormous potential in the beauty world in my opinion, and I think that blinc resurf.a.stic Ingrown is a great example of this.

Basically, the resurf.a.stick is a form of a mircodermabrasion treatment built into a stick form. This is perfect for those of you with light to moderate ingrown hairs, and those who would like softer, brighter skin on certain body areas, e.g. underarms.

I simply wet the top of the stick with a little water as per the directions, and then applied in a circular motion on my skin for a minute or so. It's very easy, non-messy and there was no burning or irritation. The stick contains the mircodermabrasion crystals as well as moisturizers, so the stick glided very easily and felt very silky on my skin. Then I rinsed it off.

I used the stick about 2x week, and after a few weeks of regular use, I was very impressed with the way it smoothed the surface areas and reduced any ingrown hairs that were there, and prevented new ones from forming. Genius! - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Blinc for review purposes., Inc.

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