Beauty Flashback - Carre Otis In this series, I look back at models, entertainers and celebrities who have left an indelible mark on the world of beauty, fashion, modeling, and style for me via magazine covers.
Carre Otis represented high end luxury, fresh-faced sensuality as well as a tougher, harder edged sexuality (long before Angelina Jolie), in many of her covers and photo spreads.

In this first Vogue cover from Sept. 1988, I love her naturally thick brows, the flawless skin and the beautiful peachy-nude mouth. The makeup, combined with the mega-sized jewels in beautiful pink, orange and green colors against the black top and accessories is just stunning!

In her second Vogue cover from March 1989, it's another rare Vogue cover, in that she's not looking directly at the camera (which almost every single Vogue cover model has done). The playful, bold floral green/yellow hat with the pretty shiny red lips and strong, dark defined brows is another spectacular cover look.

For her January 1992 Bazaar cover (shown at the bottom), she is a mix of elegant, angelic and tough. I love the delicate, softly curled updo along with the unique gold wire mesh necklace. Her lips and eyes are soft, and here she's sporting a smoky eye and lighter, thinner more defined eye brows.

Carre went on to star in a few movies, most notably the sexy romp, Wild Orchid, (with her then-husband Mickey Rourke), but to me, she will always be the 80's supermodel who could invoke any mood, look or era in her photos. - RLB

*Images courtesy of Paper Pursuits

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All Women Stalker said...

She's incredibly beautiful... I love her smile and that natural look she has on most of the magazine covers with her on it :)