Beauty Flashback - Kara Young, Inc. In this series, I look back at models, entertainers and celebrities who have left an indelible mark on the world of beauty, fashion, modeling, and style for me via magazine covers.

In 1988 Kara Young was one of the most photographed of all the supermodels - and she remains another one of my all time favorites.

I love how she was always able to transform from an exotic-global beauty to the girl next door to a slinky sex kitten.

In this Elle cover, I adore the bronze/copper makeup theme, the curly-Q's in her hair and the bold ethnic jewelry. The eyes have just a touch of eyeliner on the top lid with bronze/gold brushed over the entire lid alont with a nude mouth also with a touch of bronze. This really brings out her eye color and shape.

Her Vogue magazine cover in April of 1988 was one of the few that Vogue has ever done where the model is not looking directly at the camera with both eyes - the wink is so playful and fun and it really captures the feel of the modeling industry in the 80's I think. I love the simple, carefree hair, the full, slightly bushy brows and the lovely coral lip color.

Her second Vogue cover in Oct. of 1988, (shown at the bottom), is one that I adore - the teddy bear jacket is so cute and playful along with the French beret, huge earrings and the strong, more defined eyebrows and berry red lips. - RLB

*Images courtesy of archives., Inc.


Michelle Joni said...

Love a good model throwback. Did you see the model as muse exhibit at the MET?

Palacinka Beauty said...

Hi Michelle - I've got lots more great ones you'll love too!

Yes, I did see the Model as Muse Exhibit at the MET - Fantastic! :)