Beauty Flashback - Talisa Soto, Inc. In this series, I look back at models, entertainers and celebrities who have left an indelible mark on the world of beauty, fashion, modeling, and style for me via magazine covers.

Recently I came accross a picture of 80's supermodel (and one of the most incredible ones in my opinon), Talisa Soto.

After doing a little digging, I found these three amazing Vogue covers featuring Talisa from the late 80's and just marveled at the cover looks.

In the first, you can really see a Grace Jones-esque vibe and I love how she can carry off all the eye makeup, the crazy hat and the punk inspired lips!

Accoring to Vogue's archives this magazine was "one of the best selling issues of the Eighties...this
issue is also one of the most unusual. The pink netting is 59p/metre from John Lewis, while the brooches are rocks studded with diamanté".

In the second Vogue cover, she's graceful and sporty with a fresh face, full brows and a "just out of the ocean" tossled bob.

In the third Vogue cover (shown below), I love how she channels an Audrey Hepburn with the sharp bangs, soft mauve smoky eyes and nude lips which look amazing with the turtleneck, saphire jewels and the same saphire blue typeface.

Even though she's left the modeling world, her covers, beauty looks and grace can still be an inspriation to us all! - RLB

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