Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Nathan Hamilton - Pt. 1

Sephora.com, Inc. I'm pleased to present the first part of my two part interview with professional makeup artist, Nathan Hamilton.

Nathan Hamilton is a professional makeup artist that has made his career working with some of the top names in the entertainment industry, such as Angelina Jolie, Mariah Carey, Christina Milian, and even the legendary Catherine Denueve, among others. Nathan's experience also spans to editorial and advertising work, for clients such as Rolling Stone, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Skyy Vodka, Target, USA Today, H&M and America's Next Top Model and many, many more.

Nathan was generous enough to take some time to interview with me about great makeup products, tips and more insight into what a makeup artist at his level does. It's a fantastic interview - and don't forget to come back on Thursday, Jan. 14th for part 2 of my interview where you'll learn Nathan's TOP 5 beauty bargains, secrets from the beauty supply store & more! - RLB

RLB: You do a combination of Advertising, Beauty Editorial and Celebrity Work - which is the most challenging and why?

NH: Celebrity work is always the most-challenging, definitely. The work is often seen in three dimensions, not just two. My client has to look their best from every angle. Not to mention, their personality comes into play and it is my job to work with and enhance it.

RLB: Out of all three types of work, which one allows you to be the most creative and think "out of the box"? and give an example or two.

NH: I've been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on some very creative commercial jobs. In a video for MAC Cosmetics and Heatherette, I painted the model head to toe with a new shade of lipstick. For Motorola, I airbrushed a cat burglar mask on our girl. Keying the makeup for the movie Rize was also amazing. I pulled inspiration from sources like Blade Runner, African tribal body painting and circus clowns.

RLB: Angelina Jolie was one of your clients during your L.A. days - what were some of your favorite, never-fail products that you liked to use on her?

NH: For Angelina Jolie I used La Mer Lip Balm, Guerlain Lipstick and individual false lashes. It was always more about her natural beauty than the makeup.

RLB: So, you've told me that you're a product junkie (like me)! Let our readers know which 5 high end/luxe products you love to use on clients (and for yourself!).

: 1 - Lancome Genifique (for myself) - It's a serum that smooths the skin and enhances natural glow.

2 - Dr. Brandt Pores No More Primer - It shrinks pores and mattifies the skin. Incredible on men.

3 - YSL Perfect Touch Foundation - It looks like real skin and even comes with its own brush!

4 - Cle De Peau Concealer - It provides such a lovely coverage and texture.

5 - Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Moist Glow Cream Blush - It gives the perfect glow without being greasy.

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All Women Stalker said...

I wonder how much this guy charges for his services... must be very expensive

Palacinka Beauty said...

In part 2 on Thursday I'll include his contact information - perhaps you can chat and find out! - RLB