Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Nathan Hamilton - Part 2

Sephora.com, Inc. I'm pleased to present the second part of my two part interview with professional makeup artist, Nathan Hamilton. (To read part 1 of my interview, click here).

Nathan Hamilton is a professional makeup artist that has made his career working with some of the top names in the entertainment industry, such as Angelina Jolie, Mariah Carey, Christina Milian, and even the legendary Catherine Denueve, among others. Nathan's experience also spans to editorial and advertising work, for clients such as Rolling Stone, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Skyy Vodka, Target, USA Today, H&M and America's Next Top Model and many, many more.

Nathan was generous enough to take some time to interview with me about great makeup products, tips and more insight into what a makeup artist at his level does. In this second part of my interview, you'll learn Nathan's TOP 5 beauty bargains, secrets from the beauty supply store & more! - RLB

RLB: Now let's hear your top 5 bargain beauty products!

NH: 1 - Head Blade "Glossy" Head Lube - It's a lotion for men who shave their heads. It gives such an insane glossy shine when used as a body lotion.

2 - Zim's Crack Cream Lip Balm - It's all natural and contains arnica, so it's very healing.

3 - Crest Vivid White Toothpaste - Use the day and night formulas for the whitest smile ever.

4 - Victoria Secret Very Sexy Dazzling Liquid Eye Shadows - They're like liquid metal. (If you can still find them!)

5 - Merle Norman Taupe Brow Sealer - It's the best blond brown gel I've ever come across.

RLB: You've also mentioned that there are a lot of products available only in beauty supply stores which are true finds! Please give us your top 5.

NH:1 - Profound Black Liquid Eye Liner - It's 100% bullet-proof.

2 - La Femme Lipsticks - There are a few colors from the 1960's that no other brand makes today.

3 - La Femme Cake Mascara - Absolutely the best for bottom lashes.

4 - Jao Hand Sanitizer - You'll never touch Purell again.

5 - Matesse Individual Lashes - They have a wider flare than drug store brands.

RLB: Give us a sense of a typical day on a magazine shoot where you are doing the makeup -, who you must collaborate with, the amount of time you have, who you must get approvals from, etc.

NH: A typical day on a magazine shoot is full of collaboration. The glam squad (hair, makeup & styling) must be in total sync. No one's work should over-power another's. Time constraints always come into play. You must be flexible and able to work at the same time. It's important to make sure everyone's voice is heard, including the fashion editor, publicist, photographer and most importantly, the talent. If she doesn't feel her best, you'll never get a good shot.

RLB: If you had to describe your "style" or "calling card" in terms of your approach to makeup and the types of looks you create, what would it be?

NH: You could sum up the style of my work as deliberate, minimal and structured. But always pretty.

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