EXCLUSIVE - Interview with Rihanna's Makeup Artist, Mylah Morales

If you're a lover of cosmetics and/or celebrity style, then I'm sure you've noticed the amazing looks that Rihanna has been sporting in recent years. 

Whether is bold lashes, hard-edged cat eyes, futuristic bright colors, purple lips, hot pink eye liner, or a beautiful nude beachy glow she's sporting, celebrity makeup artist, Mylah Morales is responsible.

I'm pleased to present my exclusive interview with this very talented, forward-thinking makeup artist.

Mylah currently works with Rihanna and has also worked with other beautiful, glamorous names in the music industry, such as
Jordin Sparks and Leona Lewis. She's created the looks for Gucci and Cover Girl advertising campaigns, as well as editorial shoots for Elle Magazine, People Magazine, Giant Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Essence Magazine and many more. 

The super busy Mylah was nice enough to take some time out of her very schedule (she's frequently crisscrossing the world/country with Rihanna after all!), to talk to me about some of the beauty products she uses on Rihanna, favorite products, and what it really takes to work with one of the biggest music stars in the world! - RLB

-->RLB: How long have you been working with Rihanna.
MM: I have been with Rihanna since day one of her career.

-->Describe the process of working with Rihanna's stylist/hair dresser to create her amazing looks!

MM: As a Glam team we collaborate as on her look depending on the event video, photo shoot ,red carpet the process takes 2 to 3 hours. While traveling l base her look on the the type of shoot we are doing whether it is Paris fashion week or a Photo shoot in Berlin for her album packaging it varies based on given occasion. We like to play with color or just go really natural...

-->What are you 5 favorite products to use on Rihanna.

MM: Paris Fashion week: the looks were based on the type of fashion show she attended and what she was wearing. My must have's for her were:

1. Giorgio Armani foundation
3. Golden Orange Bobbi Brown Powder

-->What are some of your favorite looks you created for Rihanna?

MM: Favorite look I have given her? There are so many to choose from I love them all! (Take a look at some of Mylah's recent work here in this feature).

RLB: What is the most important aspect of your job?

MM: Being Rihanna's makeup artist, (and any other artists I work with), It's important for me to be very comfortable with choices I make. I have make them know what to expect and feel safe with my choices - and trust that I will do my best to give make them beautiful!

-->What products do you also like to use on some of your other celeb clients.

Regenerating serum
Giorgio Armani foundation
Beauty blender sponge

RLB: I'm sure you have some exciting plans for the future!

MM: As a matter of fact I do! There is a Beauty and life style Blog to come, a makeup line and....
My agent is on the phone now - stay tuned! :)



All Women Stalker said...

I love Rihanna's make-up but honestly, I hate her hairstyle all the time!

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