Nail Polish Find - OPI Absolutely Alice, Alice in Wonderland Collection Many of you are eagerly awaiting the upcoming new Alice in Wonderland movie, staring Johnny Depp. There are several beauty and fashion brand collaborations tying in with the Alice movie theme, but one of my favorites is the OPI/Alice In Wonderland 4 piece nail collection (all four shades shown below).

My favorite shade in the collection is Absolutely Alice, (shown left). This is a bluish/teal shade with white and gold glitter swirled into it. With 2 or 3 coats I got the beautiful blue shown in the bottle, and I loved the sparkling glitter. It applied smoothly and dried fast as well.

This is a really fun shade and would also make a nice change of pace for a pedicure for those of you too shy, or unsure about having a blue on the nails.

Note: because of the amount of glitter in this shade, this polish does dull down a bit when it dries - just apply a super shiny top coat and you're good to go! - RLB


helena said...

I love the alice in wonderland theme, however the colours are too dark for my personal taste.

Looking forward to seeing which other brands will collaborate with the movie.

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