Quoted in AOL Story on Black Beauty Spokeswomen

Sephora.com, Inc. I was recently quoted in a great celebrity story on the AOL site, Black Voices, entitled, "Black Beauty Spokeswomen: Is the Industry Changing?"

Here's part of the article, and my quote:

Risi-Leanne Baranja, editor-in-chief of the Palacinka Beauty Blog, has spent years studying the actions of beauty brands across the world. She recently shared some insider info with Black Voices.

"Queen Latifah is a great example of what CoverGirl looks for in a celebrity ambassador. She has been in TV, film and she's an accomplished singer and rapper," Baranja said. "She is very appealing to the CoverGirl customer because she is believable; you can believe Queen Latifah would wear a $9 mascara and make it fabulous."

To read the entire article please click here, and let me know your thoughts.

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