Aveda's Latest Miracles!

Beauty.com In honor of the kick off to NY F/W 2010 Fashion week, Aveda hosted an amazing event for beauty bloggers last night at the Aveda Academy in Soho, New York.

Aveda's Top hair stylists took us through some of their favorite products to get the best "of the moment" updo's, ponytails, curly looks, innovative braids and beautiful color.

One of the most important products that was used was from one of my favorite Aveda hair care lines, Brilliant. It's called Brilliant Damage Control and is perfect to use on both wet and dry hair before using any kind of heat.

Last night the stylists stressed using more blow dryers and hot curlers (yes hot curlers are in again girls!), over flat irons, to get more today's modern looks. What is amazing about the Damage Control is that it's super light on the hair, doesn't get sticky or dry, and can be used at multilple points in the styling products (pre-drying, freshinging up a look, post-dry). It also smells incredible - as I think all Aveda products do. This is a must have hair product for your hair styling needs!

A brand new Aveda product which I got an exclusive sneak peak of (we got to see the one and only real bottle in the world last night!), is their Control Force hair spray, which offers hold, with a weightless feel and the ability to continue to style the hair while using it.

This was used in a really pretty sophisticated ponytail style in which the stylist created a lot of height and body in the back of the hair model's hair using a combination of teasing and the Control Force. I'll let you know when it launches later this year!

Another fantastic new line from Aveda is called Dry Remedy. Important Note: For those of you who were using the Sap Moss line, this line has now replaced it.

This is the perfect product line for those of you with very thick, curly dry hair, relaxed or relaxed/colored hair, or those of you who spend a lot of time outside in cold climates. The line consists of Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment Masque.

For all your curly and very curly girls, Aveda has a line for you too! It's called Be Curly and is excellent for shaping and defining curls, holding in moisture and preventing frizz.

One of the master stylists at the event, who has naturally curly hair himself, told us last night that this was the only line that made his curly hair manageable and look great - even straight out of the shower! If you have curly hair, I highly encourage you to try this line, which many of my fellow curly girl beauty writer friends, and others I know, swear by now! This line works with all types of curly hair - from very big, wavy curls to more tight/kinky curls. The Be Curly Line consists of: Shampoo, Conditioner, Curl Enhancer and Curl Control.

The fourth fantastic product line is their new Light Elements line (pictured, below). Its a group of cremes and gels which offer hold, shine, definition and the ability to create texture for either short or long hair, while not weighing it down.

Even better, the products also condition the hair as they are being used - fantastic! The stylists created some amazing ponytails and a intricate flowy wavy look with a beautiful braid on one of their hair model using products from this line. This line consists of the Texturizing Creme, Shaping Wax and Defining Whip. - RLB

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check out aveda's new texturizing creme!

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