Beauty Find - Alchimie Forever Skincare I first became aware of the Alchimie Forever skin care line a few years ago, via a mutual connection founder and President, Ada Polla and I have.

I was very impressed with the concept, packaging and science behind the products, as well the the performance of some of the initial products I tested,such as the Alchimie Forever Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask 3.3oz. Alchimie products are the result of 20+ years of clinical experience in dermatology and biomedical research on antioxidants and the aging process. Their products have become the skin care secret of many beauty devotees around the world.

The company is also very unique in that they monitor the entire manufacturing chain: from concept to selection of ingredients, to advanced formulation, production, testing, and full quality control.

Alchimie Forever has introduced several additional products to the line for face and body, and I was delighted to try them.

Read on for the results!

Diode 1+2 Serums (Shown above)

After cleansing in the morning, I applied with two serums, which are packaged separately to maximize the benefits of each ingredient, according to the company. This is a very unique concept for a serum in and of itself - but what is even more interesting is the consistency of the serums.

Diode 1, which is the lighter of the two, is extremely thin - basically like water (so take care when applying it from your hands). It has a very light, mild scent, slightly herbal. I pumped a few times and then applied to my skin. It absorbed immediately. Next Diode 2, which is darker, and also thin, but with a bit more weight to it. This one also dried instantly and left my skin feeling plump, hydrated and very toned. There was also an immediate tightening effect.

After consistent use daily, I loved the healthy glow, the way my moisturizer (and makeup) applied afterwards and the overall brightening in my skin tone. Ada herself uses it!

Alchimie Forever Erbium Body Lotion This is a really lovely, luxurious body lotion, perfect for those of you who have normal to slightly dry body skin, or will be using it in a very hot/humid climate.

The texture is creamy smooth but very lig
htweight on the body and has a lovely fresh, slighty citrus scent. It glided on easily with no greasy or heavy feel and provided nice moisture.

Alchimie Forever Helium Body Conditioner Is another unique product. It's used after showering and before drying off.

It actually uses the heat from the steam in the shower to seal in moisture in your skin. The consistency is thick, slightly whipped and medium in weight. I squeezed out a few quarter sized amounts of the conditioner and applied over my body, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinsed. My skin was soft and slick to the touch - but not oily. The feel of the moisture was still light. This was the perfect compliment to the body lotion (review above). This will also make a wonderful product to use in the summer months when you might not need a ton of additional moisture or have time to apply it.

The Alchimie Forever product line is in the luxury price category, but yet another example of fantastic quality and performance for your skin with the investment. - RLB


Alchimie Forever products were provided courtesy of Alchimie Forever for reviewing purposes.

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