Beauty Find - Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Skincare What were you doing when you were Fifteen?

Ava Anderson decided to launch a skincare line.

And not just any skincare line.

Fifteen-year-old (just turned sixteen!), Ava Anderson has launched Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, the world's first line of skin care in which every ingredient in every product scores ZERO on the Cosmetics Database toxicity scale.

Ava's first six skin care products are built around a core cleansing and moisturizing routine that everyone can use. All the products are formulated with safe ingredients and provide gentle cleansing, moisturizing, conditioning, nourishing and protection for skin.

The products include such ingredients as: Yucca Glauca Root Extract (Yucca Glauca Root helps replenish moisture and smoothness of the skin, and also has mild cleansing properties and anti-inflammatory benefits found in her amazing eye makeup remover), Safflower, Honeysuckle Flower Extract, and Shea Butter.

I was very impressed with the line overall, and even found a few must have products as well! Let's take a look:

First, there's the Cleanser. This is a unique liquid based cleanser in that there's no need to wet your face before cleansing. You can actually start with a dry face, and as I smoothed the cleanser on my skin, it turned into a soft, light foam and cleansed my skin gently yet thoroughly. When I rinsed, my face felt soft, fresh and toned.

Next I tried the Exfoliator. This is a wonderful product for those of you with normal/combination skin that just need gentle exfoliation. The exfoliator has med/fine grains in a creamy formula. It did a great job of softly scrubbing while making my skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated. This is a perfect way to end a gym workout.

The Moisturizer is another gem for those of you who are looking for a good, basic face cream. It feels very silky and whipped to the touch, and made my face feel hydrated quickly while not being oily or heavy. What's great is that this can also be used as a very effective hand cream too!

The Eye Makeup Remover is absolutely phenomenal. The pads are soaked in the remover and feel slightly "spongy" to the touch. When I pressed them gently on each eye I was amazed by how silky and light they felt - and the makeup disappeared instantly - so I didn't need to rub or swipe multiple times at all. My entire eye area was refreshed and also moisturized after using them.

Last but not least I tried the Sugar Lip Scrub. For those of you who swear by regular lip exfoliation, this is the product for you! It's a small but very concentrated jar filled with lot's of gentle ingredients like sugar, Shea butter and a yummy spearmint flavor. After buffing and rinsing, not only were my lips super soft, but they also had a nice sheen from the Shea butter and instant moisture, perfect for applying my lip afterwords.

Another nice feature of the products are that all the ingredients are printed in fairly large type on the back of the bottles/tubes, so you can really see what you are getting in each product, easily.
I predict big things head for this savvy teen and Ava Anderson products! -RLB

Manufacturers Note: These products contain - No parabens¸ No PEGs, No phthalates, No SLS, No 1,4 dioxane, No “Fragrance” . All AVA ANDERSON NON-TOXIC ingredients score “ZERO” on the Cosmetics Database Toxicity Scale.

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*Ava Anderson products were provided by BlueSky PR for reviewing purposes.

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Anonymous said...

Finally the products we have all been waiting for with no chemicals or toxins.The lip scrub ended my chapped lips. The eyemakeup remover is the best.My baby gets moisturized non toxic now. I get compliments on my skin every day!Try them today. Let me assist you in getting them..

Unknown said...

I agree! These products truly are revolutionary and the market is starved for non-toxic alternatives! The moisturizer is my must have!! Not greasy at all, absorbs quickly, lovely scent!

I can answer any questions and help you get your hands on these must haves!

Regina Bell said...

It's so nice to have products that are wonderful, safe and affordable. It's like giving your face a treat everyday! I'm proud to have become a part of the Ava Anderson Non-Toxic family.

Karen Watts said...

I love Ava's skincare products. I use them daily and love the fact they are non toxic. I found Ava's products when I was doing research for my son that is on a special diet for his Aspergers and found her website. I fell in love with the products and Ava's message and love sharing the message with everyone I meet. said...

Our New Products have arrived here at Ava Anderson Non Toxic!!! Lip Gloss and Lip Sticks - All without harmful lead, chemicals and all toxins. Remember, you are eating your lipsticks! Your skin is your largest organ and what ever you put on your skin goes directly to your bloodstream. check out your fav beauty product by visiting the website and you can see where your product stacks up against ours! Be healthy and beautiful, inside and out!