Beauty Find - SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Cream, Inc. Within the luxury skin care category, there are legends, stories and fantastic discoveries which lead to their creation.

The Japanese luxury brand SK-II's story revolves around the discovery by a Japanese scientist
that the hands, (which they used to produce the saké) of workers at a Japanese saké brewery looked beautiful and young.This is due to an ingredient called pitera, which is an extract from the production of saké, when the yeast ferments. LXP Ultimate Revival Cream from SK-II has 2x the amount of pitera as their current products, along with additional vitamins and minerals.

As far as a luxury cream goes, it doesn't get much better than this. Let's start with the packaging, shall we?

The cream is housed in a beautiful Gold jar, with a cover that you turn and then lift up to reveal the silky cream inside. It's accompanied by a special gold spatula to apply it, which fits neatly into a small holder on the side of the jar. It's substantial in weight, and elegant and prestigious in look and feel without being too over the top - very much in line with traditional Japanese design aesthetics to me.

LXP Ultimate Revival Cream must be warmed a bit before applying it. The texture of the cream right from the jar is slightly dense, but with a bit of an oily feel. As directed, I scooped (about a regular M & M sized amount) of the cream with the spatula, placed it into my hands and rubbed them together to warm the cream for about 30 seconds.

Then I began "pressing/patting" the cream along my inner eye area/nose and moving outwards. The scent is beautiful - soft rose that fades away delicately. The cream absorbed very quickly and actually felt almost dry to the touch after the pressing process. Within just one day I could see that the beautiful, legendary SK-II glow was there in my skin. The cream hydrated all day long without breaking it out or clogging my pores, and produced a noticeable improvement in my overall skin tone.

As with many of the more expense skin care creams, this is so concentrated, that even using it 2x day (with the directed amount) you will have this at least 3-4 months. While this cream is a luxurious way to keep skin moisturized, toned and radiant, it will be best for those of you with combination/dry or very dry skin.

If you're looking to make a real investment in your skin, this is a luxury cream purchase that really does live up to it's promise and to it's gorgeous packaging! - RLB

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SKII- LXP Ultimate Revival Cream was provided courtesy of PR Consulting for reviewing purposes., Inc.

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