Beauty Flashback - Karen Alexander

Crest 3D White In this series, I look back at models, entertainers and celebrities who have left an indelible mark on the world of beauty, fashion, modeling, and style for me via magazine covers.

Karen Alexander defined 80's preppy-chic to me. She has amazing skin, beautiful chiseled features, an athletic yet elegant build and a stunning profile!

In this first cover from December 1986 Elle Magazine, she strikes of the magazine's most iconic poses in beautiful fire engine red lipstick, glossed, slicked back hair and a deep, dark smoky eye. It's still of of the only profile covers Elle has ever done in the history of the magazine.

In this second cover, from Vogue January, 1989, I love the pairing of the beautifully cut designer blazer in graphic black and white, with bikini bottoms and very casual, loose wind swept hair. This was also around the time Vogue moved away from their trademark portrait covers of the models, to body shots, and I think Karen's is one of their best. Her makeup is very natural, and again she gives off a wonderful chic, elegant flare.

In the third cover, from Mademoiselle September 1989 issue, I love this close up shot, the beautiful colors of the coat against her skin, the chic ponytail and the pretty, brick red lips. This is a perfect cover for a magazine covering Fall fashions - Karen looks like she just taken a break from a stroll down New York's 5th Ave shopping to take in the changing of the leaves in Central Park...

Karen does still do modeling assignments from time to time, and looks great. The 80's were truly her time to shine and make an impact on the modeling world, and in terms of women of color on major magazine covers and cosmetic beauty campaigns - Thank you Karen! -RLB

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