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This has been a particularly grey and rainy winter in San Francisco, so I've been enjoying more than average soaks in the tub. One of the most luxurious features of our cozy Victorian home is the pedestal soaking tub. It is the perfect length and depth for renewing, relaxing and melting the chills of winter away. To supplement these bath soaks I am always on the look out for a lovely smelling ultra bubbly bath foam. I recently picked up a bottle of Boots Botantics Luxurious Bath Elixir ($9.99 at I am a fan of Boots Chemist from my days in London, and was thrilled to find their products stateside as well at Target and Boots is known for their reasonably priced beauty and grooming products and is the #1 beauty and skincare brand in the UK.

The Botantics Luxurious Bath Elixir is meant to heal and relax tired muscles as well as relieve every day stresses. Perfect if you are sitting at a computer all day, like me! It contains Iceland moss as a main ingredient. The label also mentions that the ingredients are authenticated by Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. The smell of the elixir is a bit heavy and smoky, but sweet...and the liquid is very thick like the consistency of honey. It also generates loads of bubbles, for a nice frothy and sweet smelling bath. You only need about a tablespoon for each bath, a little bit goes a long way. I also love the classic apothecary-style glass bottle, it makes a nice presentation on my bathroom's
etagere shelf.

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