F/W 2010 NY Fashion Week Beauty Report - Catherine Malandrino

Beauty.com One of my all-time favorite designers, Catherine Malandrino, began her Fall 2010 collection with a vision of viewing the earth from above - with contrasting colors, textures, shifting landscapes - and a woman who inhabits this world, who has a combination of strength and femininity, known as "Khan".

The textures and colors in this fashion presentation were absolutely gorgeous! The coats and vests featured Kidassia goat hair, shearling and fox fur, as well as distressed leather, wool boucle, and bronze metallic lace combined with a palette of indigo, rust, blacks and taupe.

The hair, created by Odile Gilbert for PHYTO, reflected this strong warrior aesthetic. I loved the almost sculptural feel of these top knots, which had curl/texture and a beautiful height which complimented the clothes in the collection. In person, they appeared to be almost suspended in air!

If you are looking to use these looks as inspiration, here's how you can get the look:

Step 1. Starting with naturally wavy/loosely curled hair and then move to step 2.

-If you have straight/relaxed hair that is at least shoulder length, first use a large barrel curling iron (or set in hot rollers) all over the head. Shake curls once cooled and run fingers through hair.

Step 2. Apply the volume mousse and/or holding spray from the Phyto line and work hair into either a very high pony tail and pin loose hair around it, or create a very full top knot, leaving some stray curls falling around the top and framing the face.

Try these products, which Odile used for the show, to create the look:

Phyto Professional Intense volume mousse

Phytovolume Actif
Phyto Professional Fiber Paste
Phyto Professional workable holding spray

*Images courtesy of Phyto

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