Impulse Buy of the Week - Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bloom, Inc. The famed Italian clothing and accessory house, Salvatore Ferragamo, has just launched their latest Incanto flanker, called Incanto Bloom.

At the press launch event, I was able to actually meet and chat with the famed creator of the fragrance,
Sophie Labbe (who also created my beloved, YSL Parisienne), which was a true pleasure!

Sophie explained that she wanted to take the essence of the famed Ferragamo "Bow" and the personality of a young, sophisticated metropolitan woman, and create an iconic fragrance for the House. This scent is without a doubt, pretty, feminine and taking the full range of the scent's lifecycle into account - quite unique.

The opening notes are Grapefruit flowers, Teas Roses and Champaca Flowers. On my skin the citrus was a short, pleasant burst - and then it immediately turned into a very soft, almost "milky" floral scent.

This combination stayed on me for quite a while, and then came the lovely dry down, which was a combination of musks and Cashmere Wood, which warmed up the fragrance, yet still kept it soft and sophisticated.

Sophie has once again created a fantastic scent that a true fragrance aficionado (and Ferragamo fan) will love, as well as those of you looking for a nice, floral scent to wear on all occasions.

As for the packaging, created by Sylvie de France, I love the interpretation of the Ferragamo Bow (it's actually soft to the touch, which is nice), and the pretty pink, black and white color scheme. It will definitely stand out even on a crowded dresser filled with scents (like mine!).

Available exclusively at Bloomingdales and Ferragamo boutiques worldwide. - RLB

Fragrance Notes:
Grapefruit Flowers, Freesia
Tea Roses, Champaca Flowers
Musks, Cashmere Wood

Go-->Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bloom

*This product was provided by Salvatore Ferragamo for reviewing purposes.

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