A Little More MINX Fun - 2010 Grammy Edition

Sephora.com, Inc. One of my favorite nail products, Minx, made quite a splash with some of my favorite music stars at last week's Grammys!

Beyonce Knowles, who won six awards including Song of the Year for "Single Ladies", was wearing special edition Golden Hologram Minx nails, applied by New York celebrity manicurist Lisa Logan who flew to California to do Beyonce's nails for the Grammy awards.

Rihanna, who won Best Rap Song with Jay-Z and Kanye West, wore customized "Minx Money" nails (SO cool!), applied by LA-based celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees.

And, Keri Hilson, who was nominated for the Best New Artist award, wore Tease Me White and Silver Minx from the new Teaser line launched in January of this year. Keri's Minx was applied by Houston-based manicurist Athena Elliott.

For more information and to find a salon that is Minx certified, please visit: http://www.minxnails.com

Photos by Adam Orchon and Kimmie Kyees

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All Women Stalker said...

I really don't like Beyonce... People think she's sexy but I think she looks too bulky.

Palacinka Beauty said...

All Women Stalker- That could be due to the "curse of the camera" adding the appearance of extra pounds...I know several people that have been with her in person and comment on how tiny she actually is! :)

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Beyonce sure is beautiful and sexy, that smile and those curves are so appealing.