Nail Polish Find - Asos Paint by Ciate, Inc.Last week I shared a Super Cute! find with you from the British fashion and beauty site, ASOS.

When I ordered that shower gel, I also ordered this new line of nail "paint" created exclusively for them by Ciate, and I really love it!

The shades are very pretty, vibrant and unique. The formula is very creamy, medium thick and has a very easy-to-use brush. The finish is very shiny as well.

The packaging is also just lovely as you can see! The shades are named after popular celebrities whom only need one name these days! - Gwen, Paris, Victoria, etc.

I ordered Kate and Victoria, which are a pretty, slightly periwinkle slate grey, and deep reddish black respectively.

If you love trying new nail lines, this is one worth exploring! - RLB

Go--> Asos Paint by Ciate About $10 US Dollars and ships to US/UK

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Unknown said...

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All Women Stalker said...

Daisy and Katy is a must have.. the colors look so rich... is the finish matte? or shiny?

Palacinka Beauty said...

Yes, the colors are really pretty, and the finish is shiny. - RLB