Super Cute! - Anatomicals Natural, You Need A Blooming Shower In this series of beauty & personal care product finds - Super Cute!- I'll be telling you about products which have innovative, artistic, fantasy, child-like, vintage and/or retro themes and an "irresistible" quality to them!

These make perfect little splurges and gifts for yourself or for the girly girl (or someone youthful in spirit!) in your life too.

I ordered this on a whim from the very cool British beauty and fashion site ASOS recently and LOVE it! *The site can convert prices to US dollars and has many options for international shipping to the US as well.

Of course the name is hilarious (and very British in it's scolding tone!), and I love the cheery pink/yellow packaging, but the shower gel itself is very nice and smells fantastic!

If you like rose in particular, or floral scented products in general, this is for you. It cleans very well while still adding some moisture and rinses easily.

Also, for those of you looking to use products with less chemincals, you'll be happy to know that the Anatomicals Natural line is free from from DEA's, Sulphates, Parabens and SLS's. -RLB

Go--> Anatomicals Natural You Need A Blooming Shower Rose & Jasmine Body Cleanser $8.62

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