Beauty Find - La Mer Regenerating Serum I recently had a conversation with a fellow beauty lover about one of my favorite skin care lines, Crème de La Mer, and she mentioned that the brand had grown enormously in the last few years.

My response was that indeed there are a lot of products under the Crème de La Mer umbrella these days - but that this just means there are so many more options for people who don’t necessarily need - or want the Original La Mer cream (still one of my personal favorites however!).

La Mer’s latest offering is The Regenerating Serum, and I think it’s a worthy addition to the line for a couple of reasons:

-The creamy/gel texture of the serum seems at first more like a light cream, but once it hits the skin, it immediately spreads like a serum and feels heavenly on the skin.

-The glow that this serum gives the skin is noticeable and noteworthy.

After just a few days of using the serum (along with the original cream) there was no question that my skin looked fantastic - glowing, extremely smooth, hydrated. Little fine lines easily were minimized, as well as the pores on my nose. The drier parts of my skin were moisturized, and the oilier parts stayed more matte during the day. This is one of their products that makes your skin look better and better the more you continue to use it as well.

When the serum is absorbed in the skin, the finish is matte, so it’s perfect to double as a makeup primer. My makeup lasted longer and looked “fresher” when I used the serum.

Like most of the La Mer line, the product is also very concentrated, so I only needed about 3 drops to cover my entire face, applying with a patting/pressing motion. It also has the classic La Mer scent, which I love.

For those of you who use other moisturizing products in the La Mer line, this is still a perfect serum to use as a treatment, as it works equally well with the Moisturizing Gel Cream, and the Oil Absorbing Lotion, for instance.

So, is this another La Mer product that’s worth saving for (if you need to)? In my opinion, yes! - RLB

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