Beauty Flashback - Kelly Emberg

30s/40s In this series, I look back at models, entertainers and celebrities who have left an indelible mark on the world of beauty, fashion, modeling, and style for me via magazine covers.

Texas born Kelly Emberg, was a blond who had what many considered the ultimate "All-American" look. But I always felt that she was had much more of an exotic edge than many of the leading blond models in the 80's.

This first cover from British Vogue shows how well she could carry off bright, bold color, and still look polished and sophisticated. I love her almond shaped eyes and those perfect teeth! The use of yellow (and pink!) on the eyes, with touches of yellow and apricot on the cheeks, along with the peach lip is so bright and fun!

In this second cover from December 1980 Cosmopolitan magazine, Kelly is rocking BIG, high hair, studded diamonds, tons of black eyeliner, lots of blush, fringe AND fur - but she makes it all work!

This last cover from 1983 German Vogue is another favorite (gotta love the puppy!). Again, lots of pretty shadow on the yes - three shades - green, orange and a bit of lilac rounded out by a soft smoky rimmed eye and red/coral lip. - RLB

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