Beauty Innovation - Branche Charmeuse Pillow Case

drugstore.comThe thinking makes sense - since silk is like a protein similar to our hair, using a silk pillow case to sleep on would have benefits to the outer layer of our hair too...

I've heard for years that sleeping on silk pillow cases is beneficial for girls with curly, relaxed or just very dry hair - since it cuts down on moisture loss and hair breakage. I've actually slept on them on a few occasions and did like the results.

But I recently had the opportunity to try the Branche Charmeuse Case, which is made from the finest premium silk, and really did make a significant difference in the way my hair looked and felt - and eliminated the dreaded "pillow case lines" that can surface in the morning.

The feel of the case is lovely - smooth to the touch and felt so nice on my face when I was sleeping on it. All I had to do is replace my regular pillow case with the Charmeuse case, (which fits any standard pillow), and that's it!

I could tell immediately in the morning my hair was smoother, with no frizz, and kept it's shine much better. I never saw any hair breakage on the case either.
After several weeks using it I am very pleased with just how well it works, and have to say it would be really hard to go back to cotton pillow cases now!

This is really a nice addition to any hair product line and regime you are using. While this is a luxury purchase, the quality of the silk means this is a beauty investment that you will have for years to come. The Branche Charmeuse Case is perfect for those of you with hair prone to frizz, with very curly/dry hair, relaxed hair that tends to break easily, and/or those of you who want to keep your blow outs looking better longer! - RLB

Branche Charmeuse Case

Case comes in Standard/Queen and King sizes, and a variety of colors, including: Blush Pink, Cream, Gold, Blue, Silver, Sage and White. Can be machine washed on the delicate cycle.

*This product was provided courtesy of Branche for reviewing purposes.

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