EXCLUSIVE - Interview with Jennifer Lopez's Makeup Artist, Scott Barnes

As many of you know I love Jennifer Lopez and I also love the man who has given her the signature "lit from within" look that makes Jennifer even more stunning - Scott Barnes.

Celebrity makeup artist Sco
tt Barnes has worked with all the top names in entertainment and fashion, but it was "The Glow" that he developed for Jennifer started a cosmetics revolution and birthed a new look: monochromatic, with bronzed skin and pale, nude lips. 

This signature look was also the catalyst for the launch of Barnes’ most popular beauty product – the phenomenal bestseller Body Bling bronzer.

Now Scott has written a new beauty book, About Face: Amazing Transformations Using the Secrets of the Top Celebrity Makeup Artist in which he shares all of his experience, talent artistry (and great forward from Jennifer Lopez!) in a book that every beauty lover should have in their collection.

Purchase HereAbout Face: Amazing Transformations Using the Secrets of the Top Celebrity Makeup Artist 

What makes Scott's approach to makeup artistry different is that he first thinks about a client's face in terms of light. So he begins by looking at a face, seeing where the light hits it, and then working with highlighting and contouring to bring about a glow. this approach allows the features on the face to stand out and gives that "lit from within" look.

After reading the 3 tricks that Scott Barnes uses to make everyone beautiful, he also shares his step by step approach to giving Jennifer Lopez the look she is famous for!

3 Tricks That Scott Barnes Uses

1. He doesn't always apply makeup in the same order. He always begins with contouring and highlighting, but for one client he might put on the blush before the eye shadow and for another the other way around. Scott feels each face is unique and each application is a work of its own.

2. Scott uses brushes for applying every kind of makeup. He feels that brushes offer the best control and smoothest blending.

3. Before each makeup application, he applies a hydrating mask and gives each woman a mini-facial massage with lymphat
ic drain to moisturize and relax the face.
Get the Look - Jennifer Lopez
Step 1: Create a halo effect by applying bronzer on the jaw, neck and hairline

Step 2: Leave the middle of your face open and use neutral tones for a soft finish

Step 3: Apply highlighter on the brows and the bridge of nose

Step 4: Why stop at the face when you can do your neck (right under chin is always the whitest spot). Marry the chest and face – use moisturizer to make foundation thinner and lightly apply powder over to smooth it out. Don’t use
highlighter – soaks into the folds

Step 5: Cover chest with foundation and highlight collar bones (to make you appear slimmer)

Step 6: Apply Body Bling to ALL e
xposed skin – evens out skin tones and hides of multitude of things (creating highlights that make your body look leaner)

For more of Scott's beauty looks and step-by-step guides, pick up his amazing beauty book
About Face: Amazing Transformations Using the Secrets of the Top Celebrity Makeup Artist 

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