Fragrance Find - Balenciaga Paris Eau De Parfum

30s/40s When I first heard the fashion line, Balenciaga, was launching a new fragrance, I was instantly intrigued with what it might smell like. The fashions from Balenciaga are incredible to me. Futuristic in a way, but with incredible cuts, colors, patterns and details that pay homage to traditional French dressmaking.

The scent is actually a bit like a step forward - and then back in time - and it made for a very interesting experience.

I would say that my first impression of the scent on my skin was a fresh, slightly dry, mix of violet notes, a dash of sweetness and some pepper. I found it sophisticated and alluring - almost "serious" in a sense.

The lasting power was very good, and while I personally preferred wearing this in the evening, it certainly be a day time scent. The dry down was a lot more powdery and brought in more sweet notes.

However, the scent changed on me depending on the time of day - and even sometimes from day to day - that I wore it - quite fascinating! Sometimes it was a lot more peppery in the beginning and in the dry down, and sometimes more of the violet came through throughout the day.

The concept behind the scent, created under the direction of Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquiere, was to make a "modern violet" scent. I think he accomplished this - in an "edgy" way, that at the same time, could also be considered a little old fashioned because of the violet and powdery notes.

For those of you who like unique, sophisticated scents with a clear point of view, I would highly recommend this fragrance. The bottle, (which reminds me of a decadent bird cage), it really a standout on the dresser for all perfume bottle lovers as well! - RLB

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This product was provided courtesy of Coty PR for reviewing purposes.

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