A Lighter Moisturizer for Spring - Caroline Chu SPF 15 Moisturizing Lotion

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Now that we are heading into spring the temperature is rising and it's time for a lighter moisturizer. Along with springtime weather there is no longer a need for that heavier moisturizer you used all winter long. After exfoliating the dry skin away you can use a product that adds moisture but still allows your skin to breathe. Within the last week I've been using a lighter daily moisturizer with an SPF 15. I use it after applying my SPF 30, now that the sun's rays are shining bright. I'm also wearing my sunglasses and a sunhat because I am extra cautious of the sun's harmful rays. Call me paranoid, but when I'm 40 I'm hoping all of the extra effort will pay off with fewer lines!

For my new spring skincare regime I'm using
Caroline Chu SPF 15 Moisturizing Lotion ($42 at QVC). I love it because it is very light and it doesn't feel heavy on my skin after I apply it. The added Pro-Vitamin and Vitamin E makes my skin feel nourished and smooth. It also has sunscreen to help protect from the harmful UV rays I mentioned. The light scent that does not linger or irritate my sensitive skin or nose, either. One added benefit is the pump dispenser - a lifesaver when I am rushing out the door!

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