Beauty Find - Alchimie Forever 532nm Antioxidant Relief For Hands and Feet, Inc. I recently shared with you a fantastic anti-aging serum treatment from Alchimie Forever, and now I'm back with another wonderful discovery from this Swiss skincare line.

It's called 532nm Antioxidant Relief For Hand and Feet, and this is a product for those of you with really dry hands and feet to make them look their best and stop the cycle of dryness - as well as those of you with no major problems - but just want to maintain your skin and make them look even better.

I loved the scent, which is a fresh, spa-like green/floral that men and women can both use, the texture, and the way it glided on my skin. It's a medium/thick texture coming out of the tube, and quite concentrated, but it glided and then evaporated on my skin so easily I was truly impressed. The key ingredients that make this such a winning formula are Shea butter, watercress, willow, and jojoba. It made my skin soft, smooth and moisturized extremely well.

The cream left a nice sheen on my skin (but not an oily or greasy feel) and made the heels of my feet in particular, as soft and smooth as a baby's. I loved using this before bed at night, and also found myself reaching for it during the day and on busy weekends. (It makes a wonderful cream for a leg/foot massage at the end of a busy day on your feet!).

This is also a great way to maintain your salon pedicures and pamper yourself at home. Worth the price and a great investment in your body care routine. - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Alchimie Forever for reviewing purposes.

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