Beauty Find - Ellis Faas Makeup: Skin It takes quite a bit for me to be completely blown away with a new makeup line.

Colorful, retro, eco-friendly, glamourous, and/or futuristic packaging, plus amazing, skin-enhancing ingredients, and of course fantastic performance are par for the course with many cosmetic lines.

However, every now and then a makeup line comes along to really make me sit up and take notice.

Ellis Faas Makeup is now one of them.

Ellis Faas, a Dutch makeup artist well known for her work in the fashion industry and with some of the beauty industry's biggest brands, based the whole collection on the colours that by nature exist in every human body. From all tones of foundation to every lipstick and eyeshadow, the shades are inspired by the human body’s owns colors.

Ellis Faas Makeup makes you look like a better version of your natural self, and the colors chosen can be used to achieve a subdued natural look - or much bolder ones. Ellis Faas also plans to launch products in the near future with shimmery powders, holographic and metal shimmers, plus various glosses to create even more festive, high fashion and edgy looks.

There are two very unique aspects about these products. The first is that all the products are fluids, and fit in same-sized long, silver “bullets” (shown below). Award-winning industrial designer Arnout Visser worked with Ellis to create the innovated, bullet product packaging. The second is that all the products "melt" into the skin instead of lie on it.

Ellis Faas line is made up of products for Skin, Eyes and Lips. Let's first take a look at my experience with the Skin products...

SKIN VEIL FOUNDATION (pictured at top of story)

This liquid foundation is delivered via the Ellis Faas bullet (shown, left). I clicked the bottom of the pen to release the foundation, which is then deposited on the brush tip. So the beauty of this product is that you have a built in, high quality foundation brush, to make application mistake-proof with very polished results.

The first thing I noticed about this formula was just how light and silky it was on my skin. The foundation felt like it was melting into my skin, seemlessly. It contains light diffusing partiiles, so it immediatly brightened up my skin and made me look more radiant. The coverage is buildable, so one layer can be light/medium and two-three can be full coverge - enough for photos or television.

As directed, I began applying the foundation first in the t-zone of my face, then blending it outwards towards my temples (it is very concentrated so just a few clicks are needed for the entire face). The foundation provided nice hydration, without giving the more oily parts of my face too much shine. As a matter of fact, my face felt completely balanced the entire day I was wearing it.

As if all of this weren't enough, it also contains SPF 15 sunscreen. There are currently 8 shades available, and I had a good match with shade # S107 (but if you are regular reader of this blog, you know I always believe that there can be more shades added to most foundation/concealer lines to accomodate more women with darker and/or olive shades, so hopefully this is coming!).

Again using the bullet/brush delivery system and a liquid formula, the concealer delivered outstanding results for me.

Used along with the foundation, I got picture perfect looking skin - that never looked - or felt mask-like, heavy or greasy.

Because of the unique brush, I was able to use this for larger coverage, such as the under eye area, as well as for occasional coverage for blemishes or small discolorations.

The formula was again, light and silky and applied and set quickly. Because of how pigmented and concentrated it was, a little product went a long way.

I used shade #S207. The formula also contains good for your skin goodies like Vitamins E and C to hydrate and for anti-aging and regenerating properties. This comes in 8 shades.


Ah! Liquid blush without the mess.

Yes, Ellis has not only made it possible with her bullet design, but the blush itself is creamy, light and super flattering on all skin tones. I simply clicked the pen to release the blush and then added just a dot (it's also very pigmented), directly to the middle of my cheek - made super easy with the sponge tip applicator (shown above). I got great results smoothing out and blending the color with the sponge, and well as with my fingers. I used shade #S302, which is a pretty coppery-apricot shade (shown above). The finish was dewy and provided a nice glow, and it lasted all day long.

With the innovative packaging, as you can see, this line is a busy woman/traveler's dream! With just a few pens for skin, eyes and lips, you can pop them into any makeup bag/carry on, with virtually no extra weight. You can also have your complete look without having to worry about any additional brushes/applicators.

Product design and formulas like this are hard to come by, but the products are (in my opinion), reasonably priced (around $40 US Dollars for the foundation for instance). Any way you look at it, it's a purchase that you will be more than happy you made. - RLB

Stay tuned for my reviews of the much talked about among beauty insiders, Ellis Faas lip color line!

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*Products were provided courtesy of Ellis Fass PR for reviewing purposes.

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yuki said...

What MAC shade are you that corresponded with this Ellis Faas concealer? I want to try this foundation and am a NC42/43. thanks