Beauty Innovation - Orlane Anagenese 25+ First Time-Fighting Morning Recovery Serum Last year you may remember me raving about the Orlane Light Box, which is an ingenious complete facial treatment in a box which leaves skin glowing, smooth, hydrating and looking like you've just left your own personal facialist.

Now I happy to report that Orlane has another little skin care gem from the new Anagenese 25+ line, designed for women in their 20's to help start fighting the aging process.

Anagenese 25+ First Time-Fighting Morning Recovery Serum uses the science of Cellular Growth Factors provide continued radiance and youthfulness.

This lightweight serum packs a serious punch. I found that it immediately soothed and hydrated my skin, sank in quickly and gave an instant glow from the very first application. After using each morning for several weeks, I could feel the smoothness and loved how much more even my skin tone was. This is also a great quick primer if you're traveling light, as makeup glides easily over it, and it provides great hydration for normal/combination skin.

If you're looking for a little beauty splurge to get your spring skincare routine off to a great start, I can't recommend this highly enough!- RLB

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This product was provided courtesy of Fournier Communications for reviewing purposes.

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