Drugstore Beauty Find - Sally Hansen Overnight Lip Recovery

drugstore.com Coming out of a cold winter and a Spring in which the air still feels pretty dry...an overnight solution to dry lips sounds pretty nice, doesn't it? It did to me.

Sally Hansen Overnight Lip Recovery has all the makings of a must have beauty product now for me. It's a white cream that's silky smooth, and goes on clear. I loved smoothing this yummy, creamy mint flavored lip treatment on before going to bed in the evenings.

It absorbed quickly and immediately soothed my lips after applying. Any signs of dryness, cracking or flaking disappeared.

In the morning my lips were soft, smooth and hydrated - each and every time. Amazing!

With regular use each day, I also noticed that my lipsticks and glosses applied better and more evenly, and I also didn't have the need to exfoliate my lips very often. This is another drugstore wonder you'll be happy you treated yourself to! - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Tractenberg PR for reviewing purposes.


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