Drugstore Buy of the Week - Dial NutriSkin Shower Gel

drugstore.com There's nothing like springtime to treat your nose buds to clean, fresh new scents...and this new product from Dial has a one that cleans and moisturizes to boot!

Dial NutriSkin Shower Gel is the latest shower gel from Dial and contains moisturizing grape seed oil. I loved the fresh green bottle, and the little golden moisture beads suspended inside. The lather was fantastic, and the scent just completely got me energized for the day. It's a fresh, citrus scent with just a touch of floral which rounds it out nicely. It's also quite unique for a drugstore scent - a cross between lemon/lemongrass/grapefruit...

It rinsed off easily, leaving a nice layer of moisture (but not grease or film) - Did I also mention that the bottle is HUGE - so this will last you and/or your family quite a while too! - RLB

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This product was provided courtesy of Marina Maher Communications for reviewing purposes.


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